Smart Cycling Tips

Smart Cycling Tips

Smart Cycling Tips

Use this page as a refresh or to make smarter decisions when it comes to cycling. ABC Quick Check graphic with bike icon and refresh of ABCs

ABC Quick Check:
A is for Air

  • Inflate tires to the pressure listed on the side of the tire
  • Use a pressure gauge to insure proper pressure
  • Check for damage on tired and replace if damaged

B is for Brakes

  • Inspect pads for wear; replace if there is less than 1/4" of pad left
  • Check pad adjustment; make sure they do not rub the tire
  • Look to see that you can fit your thumb between the brake lever and handlebar when the brakes are squeezed all the way

C is for Cranks and Chain

  • Pull your cranks away from the bike - if they are loose, tighten the bolt
  • Check that your chain is free of rust and gunk

Quick is for Quick Releases

  • Make sure your quick releases are all closed
  • They should all be pointing to the back of the bike, so that they don't get caught on anything

Check is for Check It Over

  • Take a quick ride to check that it is working properly

Want to learn more? Check out The League of American Bicyclists website
All of this information was taken directly from their safety and bike maintenance pages. 

See and Be Seen

It is important to be visible, both day and night, by vehicles that share the road. This means bright lights shining both forward and behind your bike and potentially even small button, LED lights for your spokes. The easier someone can see you, the less likelihood of a collision.

Also vitally important is for you to see where you are going. This might be a very bright, focused light on your handlebars facing towards your path or a bright light on your helmet that allows you to choose where your light is shining. Maybe both! Check out this article for visuals and more in-depth information as to why this is an important part of cycling both on the road and greenway trails.